Hub Shop - the case study

Hub have three boutiques across East London and in 2015 they were looking to revamp their e-commerce site and bring someone on board to manage the ongoing upkeep of the site. I helped to create a look and feel for the site and improve product upload processes, managed the website and blog as well as handling their e-mail marketing and social media. Since the launch of the new website e-commerce revenue has increased by 65%. 



I liaised with tech teams on the initial website design and a lead a subsequent home page refresh. I was responsible for generating imagery and graphic elements for the home page and landing pages; which I updated regularly throughout the week.


E-Mail marketing

I produced two newsletters a week for Hub Shop; one for their womens customer list and one for the mens. Each newsletter was planned according to new stock, availability and seasonal influences. I produced imagery and graphics, as well as utilizing existing imagery, and wrote all copy and subject lines. I also tracked engagement and adjusted strategy accordingly and over a 6 month period increased click rate engagement by over 200%. In 2015 the average retail click rate for e-mail newsletter is around 1.8% and the Hub Shop average click rate is 9.9%.



I created and implemented an effective social media calendar with regular updates across Instagram, facebook and Twitter. This has increased engagement and increased audience by an average of 50%.


I, along with the owners of Hub, created a Blog series called 'HUB X' where I photographed and interviewed businesses and creatives in East London. The project has strengthened community ties as well as created an authentic opportunity for cross promotion. You can read the archives here or click on an image to read an individual story.

Graphic design

Graphics produced for e-mail marketing, social media & website.